Irene Rosales opens the channel and tells of the hard moments lived by Kiko Rivera’s addictions

Irene Rosales has decided to open her channel to justify why she does not agree with Isabel Pantoja’s words about how her past was with respect to Kiko Rivera’s addictions. « I exploded because the truth was not told, » he confirms from ‘Viva la vida’, « it is not true that Isabel has helped as much as she could. » These first words are the background of heartbreaking statements.

Irene Rosales in ‘Viva la vida’

The former contestant of ‘Big Brother VIP’ has told for the first time on television how those were moments in which they began to fight against Kiko Rivera’s addictions: « It was very hard what we lived through », he begins by telling while the collaborators of ‘Viva la vida’ remained in complete silence. « I had to see how my husband had tremors and anxiety attacks« , he relates with some nervousness.

« The worst moment was when the summer ended because the days were getting grayer, Kiko was angry with himself and with the world, « Rosales says. However, the evolution of the conversation led the DJ’s wife to comment on what could be the origin of all these problems: »The lack of affection and attention « are, in his opinion, the main foundations that have conditioned Rivera’s life since his youth.

How was that call to ‘Save me’?

During Monday, February 15, Irene Rosales decided to pick up the phone to intervene in the La Fábrica de la Tele program to show your outright disagreement with Anabel Pantoja’s defense of her aunt: « It’s a subject that hurts me a lot, because the only time my mother-in-law helped us was the week we went to El Rocío, » he says in relation to the start of Kiko’s detoxification. « Fuck! It could have been a little more flexible because it hurts me already« , it ends up exploding.