Irene Montero’s important message about breastfeeding that sweeps Instagram

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. (Photo: EUROPA PRESS / R.Rubio. Via .)

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has taken advantage of the breastfeeding week to write a few words on her Istagram profile about her own experience. In just two hours the extensive text already has almost 30,000 likes.

Montero began by talking about his twins, who were born with 25 weeks and explained that he spent “those first months” expressing milk “every three hours, conserving it, measuring the amounts, donating what he could to the hospital milk bank.” “I met other mothers every day doing the same process,” he said. And he pointed out that “the path up to today has been possible thanks to public health and particularly to the Gregorio Marañón neonatology team coordinated by Manuel Sánchez Luna.”

“When we came home I had a hard time maintaining twin breastfeeding. I went through a few weeks of mixed breastfeeding until we switched to the bottle ”, she stated. “A year later Aitana was born, with whom I have shared two years of breastfeeding that are still going on.”

The Minister of Equality has explained her experiences during the last three years in which she has had three children: “In these three years I have lived hand in hand with my partner, my family and many friends who also raise their sons and daughters as the best they know, they can and they decide, some breastfeeding, others with mixed breastfeeding and others with formula milk ”.

“I have listened to Alba Padró and the women of LactApp, Julio Basulto and many other professionals who with their work accompany millions of women. I have spoken a lot with feminist colleagues with very different ideas and opinions about breastfeeding and parenting, among which Beatriz Gimeno and her book on breastfeeding have been essential ”, she added.

She then highlighted the various situations that women face during breastfeeding and made a plea to respect all choices according to the needs of each one: “I believe that all mothers share fears, concerns, doubts and always with very intense emotions. We all seek to do the best we know how, we all need a helping hand to tell us that yes, that however we can, we want, we decide, we are doing it well. That we are neither better nor worse mothers because of the choice we make regarding breastfeeding ”.

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And neither has he forgotten about the work from politics. “I know that we need public policies that protect motherhood, that make it easier for each family to develop their parenting projects with economic security, with public nursery schools, with networks of conciliation and co-responsibility, with decent housing and jobs ”, he pointed out. “I am very aware that there are many women who cannot raise as they wish.”

To conclude, she highlighted the importance of “strengthening” the support network of women who are mothers and letting them know that “there are many possible decisions and paths to ‘do it right’.

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