Iranian President Ratifies Diplomatic Option For Nuclear Deal

In full diplomatic effort to resume the nuclear pact signed with the United States and other powers in 2015 and ease economic sanctions against your country, Iranian President Hasan Rohani was against a law passed by Parliament that provides for the suspension of nuclear inspections internationals in Iran.

« The Government does not agree with the ratified plan and considers that it is detrimental to the path of diplomatic activities, » said Rohani during a meeting of his cabinet.

The law could end UN inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities in 2021 and requires the government to resume uranium enrichment to 20% if European nations do not ease the crippling US sanctions against Iran within three months once the text is ratified.

Although 20% is below the threshold necessary for nuclear weapons, it is higher than that required for civilian purposes.

The tension over the bill, which gained momentum after the assassination of prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh last month in an attack that Iranian officials blamed on Israel, it reflects the rivalry between Rohani and the hardliners that dominate Parliament and favors a more combative approach to the West.

The norm obtained a first endorsement of the Parliament and has to receive the final approval of the legislative chamber and then of the Council of the Guardians.

In compliance with the nuclear agreement signed by Iran five years ago with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China, Tehran gives authorization to the United Nations inspectors to review the facilities of its atomic program and evaluate uranium enrichment activities.