iPhone with a folding screen would already have a year of launch and it won’t be long

It seems that the flexible and folding screen iPhone is closer than we all think. This is suggested by the most recent leak with a tentative release date.

It is a very early rumor that triggers enormous doubts, such as the matter with the Apple car. But the truth is that more and more reports are emerging that suggest the development of a future iPhone with a flexible screen.

The most recent reports even assure that there were already a couple of prototypes developed and that in the end the boys from Cupertino decided on a model with a retro design similar to the one Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung.

This possibility then sounds more and more serious. Which immediately triggers an unavoidable question: what would then be its release date.

There is already a first answer to that question and it turns out that it would be much closer than it seems.

A financial projection

The data of the tentative arrival date of the iPhone with a flexible screen comes from a report published by the financial analysis firm EqualOcean (via MacRumors).

There they cite a company investigation Omdia as responsible for projecting the tentative launch of this model for 2023.

The funny thing is that the report states that the foldable iPhone would have a screen between 7.3 to 7.6 inches and will also be compatible with the Apple Pencil.

This detail then necessarily implies that the form factor that Apple would use would be a hybrid of tablet and smartphone.

In this case, the data contradicts the previous report by Jon Prosser, who was responsible for releasing the leak that the flexible iPhone would be vertical and double as a clam.

Which opens the frank possibility that Apple has decided on the other prototype. Or that everything is just a rumor that will never happen.

Only time will tell.