IPhone sales in 2021 would set a new record for Apple

Manzana could break the sales record and close 2021 with more than 240 million iPhones sold. According to Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, the technology has the potential to sell 250 million units with the launch of the iPhone 13.

According to Ives, 350 million iPhone users are in the upgrade window, which means a great opportunity. The analyst shared with MacRumors an investigation note in which he assures that Apple would exceed the sales figure of the iPhone 6 in 2015.

“While The Street is forecasting approximately 220 million iPhone units for fiscal 2021, we believe that based on this current trajectory, Cupertino still has the potential to sell beyond 240 million units (~ 250 million could be on the horizon ). A figure that would easily eclipse Apple’s previous record of 231 million units sold in fiscal 2015. “

Unlike what happened in 2020, iPhone 13 would not be late and would go on sale in September. A few weeks ago, Ives himself commented that the iPhone would return to its usual launch date. According to sources in the production chains, the launch window remains intact, although with the possibility of adjusting the first week of October.

Chip shortage could hurt iPhone sales

iPhone chipsPhoto by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

The analyst’s forecasts are optimistic if we consider that lThe industry is going through a difficult time after the coronavirus pandemic. Production delays due to factory closures are now overshadowed by the chip shortage in the market. This affects practically the entire smartphone industry and extends to other fields of electronics.

The lack of display drivers provokes mobile production delays, laptops, video game consoles, cars and even airplanes. A Bloomberg report mentions that foundries like TSMC are not able to meet the demand of manufacturers, who must look for alternatives.

External problems like Taiwan drought – the worst in more than 50 years – affects the production of chips for various components. The government of that country began to ration water to industrial complexesSo foundries are drying out the wells and doing their best to minimize the impact on the production process.

iPhone 13: more battery and storage, along with a LIDAR sensor

If the rumors are true and the problems in the production chain are fixed, we will return to a September iPhone release. The latest rumors indicate that the iPhone 13 will offer 1 TB storage, more battery capacity and a LIDAR sensor in all its versions.

The chamber would integrate a new ultra wide angle lens with aperture f / 1.8, while the screen would reduce the controversial notch. The iPhone 13 will be offered in 5.4-inch (mini), 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch screen sizes for the Pro and Pro Max variants.