IPhone apps will be more powerful in iOS 15

Apple allows developers to report if any of the main features of their applications need “exceed the application’s default memory limit”, on iOS and iPadOS 15. According to MacRumors, Apple only allows you to use a maximum of 5 GB of RAM, regardless of the type of application or device. App creators will need to submit their request to the Cupertino company.

With this measure, developers will be able to create much more powerful iOS or iPadOS 15 apps, that allow to squeeze to the maximum the large capacities of RAM of devices like the new iPad Pro. This model, announced at the beginning of the year, has up to 16 GB of RAM. Many apps do not need such a large amount to be able to function normally. Others, on the other hand, could work better with a memory superior to that established by Apple. For example, video game or video editing apps.

As requirements, Apple mentions on its website that developers must ensure that their application continues to function properly, in the event that there is no “additional memory available.” Thus, computers that do not have such a significant amount of RAM will be able to run the application normally.

Is it one more step to see Mac apps on the iPad? The company seems reluctant to announce this feature. However, Apple’s new measure could be used in the future to bring apps like Final Cut or Logic Pro to the iPad.

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are making good progress

iOS 15

Apple has already launched the second beta of iOS and iPadOS 15, which is currently only available to developers. The new versions include improvements and bug fixes. Apple has also activated some of the features announced in the WWDC keynote. One of them is SharePlay, which allows you to share content from services such as Apple TV + or Apple Music, with other users through video calls or messages. The new beta also adds clothing to the Memojis or a new icon to the Maps app.

The public beta, which will allow users to test the new version ahead of time, will arrive during the month of July, as confirmed by the company in its last conference. iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and all other Apple operating systems, they will reach their final version in the fall.

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