In the world of mobile telephony, we have been used for more than 20 years that the charger also comes in the box where the phone comes. But for a while now we see electronic products that no longer include a charger – Nintendo’s 3DS consoles for example. What would it be like to open the box of your brand new and expensive new iPhone 12 and find that it does not have a charger? Well this could happen according to the latest data.

iPhone 12 2020 without charger included

An iPhone without a charger? Yes, as we find for example with the Nintendo mini-consoles, iPhone 12 may have a charging cable in the box, but not the charger itself or the headphones. According to a statement from the analyst collected by the MacRumors website, the iPhone 12 will not include either headphones or a power adapter in the box.

Kuo has considered that the company could launch as an optional accessory for the iPhone a new 20W power adapter, and later this year it will stop producing 5 and 18W power adapters – that of the iPhone 11 Pro.

But why this? What would this measure be for, which in the customer’s eyes would not do anything graceful? According to the Kuo report, the absence of the charger and / or headphones is due to “environmental reasons or to reduce costs”. Apparently, iPhone 12 production costs will increase due to the incorporation of 5G technology in the new iPhone line. When removing headphones and power adapter out of the box, Apple can reduce costs. Although according to the analyst Apple could also argue environmental reasons.

Less for your money

The analyst says the new 20W power adapter will be similar to the 18W with a Type C ‘Power Delivery’ USB connector for fast charging. Kuo also believes that Apple will discontinue 5W power adapters later this year with the second generation iPhone SE, although it will continue to include a 12W power adapter with iPad, 10.2-inch iPad Air and iPad mini.

At the moment this is the opinion of an analyst, and not an official data from Apple, so you have to take it with tweezers until the September Keynote Apple, moment in which we will leave doubts. But although with the absence a drop in price is justified, having to purchase a charger separately can be interpreted by many users as receiving less for their money.

Although if it really happens and it’s because of ‘environmental reasons’So then the Apple social media team is going to have a job …