Given the high specifications leaked to date, the new iPhone 12 family should include among its models Apple’s most expensive smartphone to date. However, it seems that the Cupertino company is trying to keep its new strategy of affordable prices, choosing this time to seek savings through reducing the contents of the boxes of their smartphones.

While we have already seen how Apple in the past he took some of his extra products out of his phone box, with the somewhat more justified removal of Earpods over the past year, stemming from the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and its commitment to Bluetooth audio and AirPods; Now, according to analyst Ming-chi Kuo, Apple’s savings measures would go to further simplify what is included in the box of the iPhone 12, which could do not carry an adapter for the charger, leaving only the phone and a Lightning cable.

Apple will most likely play it as an environmental advantage to reduce electronic waste, though that won’t stop people from buying new chargers for their new iPhones, especially by counting new users. Although we also know the current and increasingly strong position of Apple for the wireless charging model.

However, we cannot help but think of other rumors related to the company’s charging method, given that some experts have already confirmed that the iPhone 12 will be the last phone to incorporate the current Lightning charger, which will be abandoned in pursuit of a unified standard towards USB-C.

In this way, the first filtered prices for the complete family of iPhone 12 are explained a little more, which would begin with the two variants of the original model with 4G, and whose minor variant with a 5.4-inch screen would barely reach $ 549 base.

However, as we increase the characteristics until we get to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, in addition to the compatibility with 5G networks, so will its price. Although the company’s next top of the range is expected to reach a maximum price of $ 1,099, a figure still very affordable, and even below other previous Apple releases.