With four models of the iPhone 12 already advanced, it seems that Apple may still be holding some surprises for the presentation of its new family of smartphones. And is that according to the latest leaks, the company is preparing the arrival of a fifth model of reduced size, in addition to the surprising return of the iPhoneOS brand to differentiate the operating system of their phones.

While some brands continue to bet on increasingly larger formats, with innovations such as dual or flexible screens and the search for maximum versatility, it seems that Apple would bet on an even smaller phone again. A line that we already saw in the recent arrival of the expected iPhone SE 2020, a terminal that rescued the old body of the iPhone 8, with an important set-up of its components.

And it is that although on paper the iPhone 12 of 5.4 inches is obviously understood to be larger than the iPhone SE 2020 of 4.7 inches, these measures refer only to the size of your screens. Thus, taking inspiration from the aesthetic line of the iPhone X, this iPhone 12 would have a more FullView-oriented distribution, omitting the physical start button, and greatly reducing all bezels, with a final result that would cut a few millimeters in height.

A model that we can see thanks to EverythingApplePro, who shows us a direct comparison of 3D models For makers of 5.4-inch iPhone 12 cases, iPhone SE 2020, and current iPhone 11s.

On the other hand, Jon Prosser, a well-known Apple filter, suggests that the operating system of these phones could change your name back to iPhoneOS, a nickname that the technological giant used in the early days of the iPhone, until the generalization of the iOS nomenclature in 2010. And it is that with the increasingly extensive and differentiated segmentation of it, with Mac OS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS, certainly it’s about a change with enough sense.

Obviously, this change would have no implication regarding the functionality of the operating system, although what is not clear is whether it will be an exclusivity of the new phones, or if it would be logical, it will be a general update for all versions. Currently available from iOS.

At the moment we have no choice but to wait for the official Apple event, which is estimated to take place sometime this fall, where in addition to the new devices, a series of important improvements will be presented, such as 5G support.