IPhone 12 User Finds MagSafe and Ferrous Sand Don’t Get Along Very Well | Technology

It seems that it is not a very good idea to leave the new iPhone 12 on the sand in certain areas, and we tell you what to avoid.

The recent launch of the Magsafe wireless charger for the iPhone 12 series has been a great leap if we want to charge our device in a much faster, more efficient and wireless way, a charger that connects magnetically to the back of the phone. mobile thanks to its magnets, and it sure has already gotten you out of a lot of trouble.

But there are still many people who do not know that the iPhone 12 has a set of magnets arranged in a concentric circle capable of attracting small metals that approach, particles of sand that could be a nuisance if you plan to go to the beach or the mountains during this summer.

According to this thread on Reddit, an iPhone 12 Pro user froze when he observed that his brand new mobile phone had sand “stuck”.

As you can see in the image, not only the iPhone 12 has magnets in the central part, but also in certain areas of the camera module and in the lower part of the body. Although this may seem curious, it can be devastating for the useful life of our iPhone 12. Because if these small metal particles end up entering the interior of the device they could directly disable it.

This image has been captured in the area of Lake tahoe, place rich in pulverized soil along with other elements. And it is that in this area we find iron oxides and pyrites that can adhere magnetically to the magnets on the back of the iPhone 12.

Other ferrous metals could also adhere to magnets, and although it is not a very strong magnet, small particles can be perfectly attracted.

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