iPhone 12 Pro Max would have the best screen on the current market according to this study

iPhone 12 Pro Max takes an in-depth look at the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen and breaks 11 records to become the best today.

When Apple introduced us to its new family of terminals iPhone 12 It was clear to us that Cupertino’s friends were looking to make a considerable leap from previous models.

Support integration for 5G networks It was perhaps the biggest badge promoted at the time, but in reality this generation has something much more impressive that jumps out at first glance: its screen.

Just a few seconds with a iPhone 12 Pro Max in hand to realize that Apple took special care in that section. And now we see that they actually achieved something devastating.

11 records smashed

The boys of DisplayMate They have always distinguished themselves by doing intense and deep tests to push the screen of the newest models on the market to the limit.

It was finally the turn of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and not only exceeded any expectations, it also broke several records in the history of that site. To become the smartphone with the best screen on the market in the end.

The evaluation is really extensive and they cover every point in detail and obviously got the highest possible score.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing here are the 11 records that the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen broke in these tests:

Higher contrast index.
Lower screen reflectance (4.8%).
Less variation in brightness with angle of view (27%).
Maximum Visible Screen Resolution 2.8K (2778 × 1284).
Higher absolute color accuracy (0.9 JNCD).
Maximum image contrast precision and intensity scale precision.
Minor change in color accuracy and intensity scale with APL image content (0.2 JNCD).
Higher full screen brightness for OLED smartphones.
Maximum full screen contrast rating in ambient light (172 at 100% APL).
Less change in the contrast and intensity scale of the image with the APL image content (0.00 Gamma).
Less change in peak luminance with APL medium content image.

Above almost each of these sections is marked as « visually indistinguishable from perfection » (Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect).

In conclusion, Apple has set a new standard for this sector and everything indicates that it would be very difficult to beat.