The iPhone 11 is the base model of the new generation of Apple terminals, which this year has been strong and repeating the same formula that it used last year with the iPhone XR, launching a base terminal that was cheap compared to the high-end current. And the truth is that it did not work badly, since the iPhone XR was the best-selling terminal last year and it is striking that the iPhone 11 was the second best-selling.

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Today we are going to show you how you can buy this iPhone 11 for just under 700 euros, And the truth is that for this price, it is one of the best terminals that you can buy for this low price, let’s take a look at Apple’s flagship!

Should you buy the iPhone 11 for less than 700 euros?

The iPhone 11 is not the best Apple model, that is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, this iPhone 11 shares the vast majority of aspects with its older brothers, such as the Apple A13 processor, which is the nerve center of these new terminals which are quite a powerhouse wonder. Of course, you can trust that this terminal will perform wonders no matter what you do with it.

iPhone 11


Dimensions75.7 mm x 150.9 mm x 8.3 mm

Weight 194 grams

Display 6.11-inch Full HD IPS panel with HDR10

Pixel Density 324 pixels per inch

Processor Apple A13


OS 13

Storage 64 GB

Cameras Dual 12-megapixel rear camera f / 1.8 and f / 2.4

Battery 3.110 mAh

Others IP68 water and dust resistance

Departure date End of 2019

Starting price809 €

As you can see, it is a device that has a panel larger than the typical 5.8-inch Apple. Specifically, it is 6.1 inches, and its resolution is Full HD with the usual Apple Retina technology, so you can see your movies, series or videos with a good quality, which is all that can be asked from the screen of a smartphone. Although of course, do not expect as many boasts as on the screen of terminals that cost more than a thousand euros.

On the other hand, the device mounts a double rear camera with two 12-megapixel sensors that perform very well, one for taking normal photos and the other ultrawide to have a greater angle of vision without having to move. Apple keeps the triple camera for the Pro model here, but considering that it has the most interesting sensor that is the ultrawide, you do not have to worry at all, the performance will be good.

The iPhone 11 belongs to the current generation of Apple, and its official price is 809 euros in the Apple Store, so you can get it for less than 700 euros is a significant reduction for a current iPhone, And it is an opportunity that you should take advantage of if you have always wanted to try your luck in the apple ecosystem.

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