iPadOS 15 displays iPhone apps in landscape mode

Apple presented new versions of its operating systems at WWDC 2021. One of them was iPadOS 15, which was updated with a number of major improvements. However, a small – and important – feature did not go unnoticed: iPhone applications on iPad can be viewed in landscape mode.

It is, without a doubt, a feature highly anticipated by many users. In the absence of certain applications adapted for iPad, the device allows the installation of its versions for iPhone. The problem is that, for years, it was only possible to use these apps in an upright position. In the new operating system the limitation is eliminated to also show them horizontally. Yes indeed, you will see black borders on the sides.

This iPadOS 15 novelty was discovered by a Reddit user, who included a photo of his iPad showing Instagram in landscape mode. Certainly, it is a small feature that will be highly appreciated by those who want to use a traditional keyboard or Magic Keyboard. Before it was difficult if the app was only displayed vertically.

iPadOS 15 and apps in landscape format

Credit: u / fjordstrom (Reddit)

However, this is not all. Interestingly, on u / fjordstrom (Reddit) as well criticism rained towards Facebook for not launching an Instagram application adapted for iPad. It should be noted that other apps such as WhatsApp do not even have a version for Apple’s tablet, although it will come soon thanks to the multi-device version.

Users who wish to continue using the portrait option can also do so by changing the orientation of the iPad. The same will happen with the default aperture value, which varies according to how the tablet is positioned. That is, they will no longer only open vertically.

iPadOS 15 was released last Monday at WWDC 2021. It is currently in beta for developers. The public beta, meanwhile, will be available only in July. Nevertheless, the final version of the operating system will be deployed to all users “in the fall”.

When users install iPadOS 15 they can also benefit from other features. They will have more freedom to place their widgets, a new way to organize apps with the library, greater productivity thanks to improved multitasking and Quick Note.

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