Apple has just presented its new two iPads, along with the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. Is about the two new tablets of the company, which come with updated hardware and a design that we already knew. The first one is the 8th generation iPad and the second model is the new 2020 iPad Air.

The iPad 8 is a relatively small leap from the previous generation, being the new iPad Air the clear protagonist as regards the new models. Let’s see what has changed and what are its key characteristics.

Data sheet of the new iPad 2020 and iPad 8th generation

8th generation iPad

The first of the iPad is the eighth generation, which comes with the Apple A12 Bionic, a processor 40% faster compared to the previous generation. The design remains identical to last year, with quite generous bezels and Touch ID on the rear. Apple highlights the importance of iPad OS 14 in this model, with improvements at the Apple Pencil level and functions related to productivity. Its screen is 10.2 inches retina, with IPS technology.

Apple has emphasized the accessories of the 8th generation iPad, compatible with pencil and smart keyboard

The 8th generation iPad is compatible with USB Type C, has a smart connector and is compatible with Apple’s smart keyboard, specially designed for your iPad.

iPad Air 2020

The second model is the new generation iPad Air, with a renewed design, very similar to the iPad Pro. It has a 10.9-inch retina display and its resolution is significantly higher (2340 x 1640) than that of the eighth-generation iPad. It also features True Tone, better lamination, and ultimately a top panel.

In this model Touch ID has been incorporated inside the small unlock button, thus being the smallest Touch ID they have ever introduced. This model also comes with USB type C, something that allows both charging and connecting it to external monitors. The front camera is 7 megapixels with Smart HDR, and the rear camera is 12 megapixels, the same as the iPad Pro.

The most important thing in this new model is that Apple A14 Bionic debuts, a five-nanometer processor, the first to be commercialized. It is a much faster processor, with a new architecture and six cores, two of which are high performance. The GPU is 4-core, and it promises much faster graphics. The CPU is once again 6-core, two of them high-performance. This is the processor that the iPhone 12 Pro will carry, thus anticipating Apple’s flagship smartphone.

Versions and price of the iPad

The eighth-generation iPad is priced at $ 329, while the new Air will cost $ 599.


New iPad 8th gen and iPad Air 6 gen 2020: the new generation iPad has a new design and is more powerful than ever