iOS 15 includes an EXIF ​​viewer in the native Photos app

Until now, the only Apple operating system that allowed you to view image metadata natively was macOS. In the current operating systems for iPhone and iPad it is only possible if we use a third-party application. With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, it will no longer be necessary to use an external tool. The Photos application itself displays EXIF ​​data for all photos.

The metadata can be viewed from the information icon that appears at the top of the screen. Among the data, appears the iPhone model or camera used to take the photo, as well as the different parameters: focal length, ISO, aperture, etc.

The Photos application not only offers the possibility to view the data of the images. It is also possible to edit some parameters, such as the date or time.

Federico Viticci, developer who has discovered this new function in the beta of iOS 15, ensures that the app, through Machine Learning, allows you to obtain details about those objects or animals that appear in the photo. The application shows an icon that, when pressed, opens a window with information and similar images on the web.

iOS 15 arrives loaded with news

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In addition to the ability to view image information from the Photos app, iOS 15 also includes other small, but interesting, features that were not announced in the WWDC keynote. One of them is the turn of the wheel to set the time or an alarm in the Clock application.

The possibility of keeping the iOS 14 version on those older models, but with security updatesIt’s also another cool feature that Apple didn’t reveal in the last keynote.

iOS 15 includes other notable new features. Now FaceTime is capable of blurring the background in video calls or activating noise cancellation on the microphone, among other new functions. The new version of iOS also comes with a renewed map application and the possibility to activate concentration modes to silence the notifications of those apps that are not necessary.

iOS 15, which will be available in the fall, is compatible with a large number of iPhones. All those models from iPhone 6s onwards They will be able to update to the new version of Apple’s operating system.

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