iOS 15 brings back the requested magnifying glass to select texts

Apple has decided to bring back to iOS 15 a user interface feature that many people missed. Is about the text selection magnifier, which suddenly disappeared with iOS 13. The Cupertino company seems to have listened to users, so the return of this discreet utility is welcome.

The text selection magnifier in iOS 15 has a new design. It looks smaller than the previous one, but it evolves to perfectly fulfill its function. In iOS 14, selecting text is not that simple. When doing so, some words are under the thumb, preventing their correct visualization. Now, in the new version of the operating system, a small bubble that enlarges the area that is being pointed out.

Apple references the return of this UI utility on its own iOS 15 What’s New web page. “Select exactly the text you want with an enhanced cursor that zooms in on the text you’re looking at,” the company says.

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However, this is not all. iOS 15 also brings back the old time picker. The wheel dial was present until iOS 14, when it was replaced by a numeric keypad, which did not completely convince users. In that sense, Apple has also backed down but keeping the two options, that is, you can use both the numeric keypad and the classic dial.

iOS 15 also has other new features. SharePlay allows content to be played simultaneously and in sync between several people. Focus It allows configuration of notifications based on a place or activity. Safari renews its graphical interface and launches a new tab bar. Photos now recognizes text in images and lets you add background music to memories. And many more features.

iOS 15 was released last Monday at WWDC 2021. It is currently in an early beta, so the functionality and final design of the system is subject to change. The public beta will be available only in July. However, the final version of the operating system will be rolled out to all users “in the fall.”

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