iOS 15 brings back the old time picker

The beta of iOS 15, which at this moment is only available for developers, is allowing us to know other additional news of the operating system. To everyone’s surprise, Apple has decided to bring back an interface element that disappeared in iOS 14 and that many people, including us, have missed since the previous year. We refer, of course, to old time selector, a small but important feature that should never have gone away.

The time selector changed radically with the arrival of iOS 14. Instead of the classic dial that accompanied the iPhone operating system for so many years, those in Cupertino introduced a simple keyboard number to select the desired time. However, getting used to the new proposal was not easy. It was for this reason that many users began requesting the return of the wheel dial, and iOS 15 will honor their request.

At . they discovered that the wheel dial is again part of the interface of iOS 15. However, Apple made some minor tweaks to its design, which now looks cleaner and simpler. Even more interesting, it has been functionally improved because you will have the option to activate the numeric keyboard if you wish. Just tap the dial to unfold the keyboard from the bottom. You can see both alternatives below:

So with these changes the time selector caters to the tastes of both audiences. On the one hand, the nostalgic ones who missed the wheel dial, and also those who had no problems adapting to the numeric keypad. Of course, let’s remember that we are facing a preliminary version of iOS 15 and we could see modifications in future betas. It will be interesting to see if Apple integrates a button so that users know that the keypad number has not been fired at all.

Remember that the iOS 15 beta is only available for developers, at the moment. It is expected that it will be possible to download the public version in the coming weeks, once the Cupertino people have corrected major bugs reported by the community. To check the news of iOS 15, we invite you to visit the following link.

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