The imminent presentation of a possible iPhone 9 adds to the new leaks on iOS 14, which will be the next version of the operating system on iPhone. From this it is expected that be more oriented to polish current iOS 13 than to bring new functions, but it will not be without them.

According to . Apple is working on the widgets for the main desktop As of iOS 14, in addition to new functions to change the wallpaper related both to the user interface and to the possibilities when applying the funds.

Widgets on main desktop could finally come to iOS

IPhones have historically reserved an entire desktop for widgets, stacked on top of each other and without the possibility of bringing them to the main desktop, as in the case of Android. According to ., evidence has been found that Apple is working on bringing widgets to the main panel.

It would be a different function to the pinned widgets of iPadOS since, in this case, the widgets of iOS 14 could be moved at will (always taking into account the iOS grid system).

The second novelty, in this case filtered through images and, refers to the new settings to change the wallpaper. This menu will be redesigned with the possibility of blurring the funds, under the name of “Smart Gradient. The possibility remains that the funds will change depending on whether or not we use the dark theme.

Another great change will come from the section to select a new wallpaper. Instead of the three classic sections (Dynamic, Fixed and Live) accompanied by a list with the gallery folders, the new interface will be much cleaner, with the upper part dedicated to our photographs and the lower part dedicated to the iOS funds themselves.

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         IOS 14 code points to main desktop widgets and major improvements to wallpapers