iOS 14.5 changes its emojis to promote vaccines and its AirPods Max

Apple revamped the design of some emojis in iOS 14.5 for iPhone and iPad. The changes are to integrate vaccines, inclusivity and even AirPods Max.

We never get tired of emojis, and less if it is on iOS for the iPhone or iPad. So it was only a matter of time before Apple looked to take advantage of the situation.

Now, with the development of iOS 14.5 And the release of its beta the guys from Cupertino have taken advantage of this opportunity to update some of these designs and even promote their newest products.

That’s right, anyone who uses their iPhone with iOS 14.5 will find some surprises in the emoji menu, even stumbling upon AirPods Max.

Meet the new emojis

The Unicode Consortium since September last year approved the integration of new emojis and the application of some variants.

This movement represented the starting shot for any company that integrates emojis on its platform to adopt the new figures and integrate them into their platforms.

So Apple now took advantage of the project with iOS 14.5 to change the face of some designs, integrate the new designs and even leave a surprise:

As we can see, most of the new emojis advocate inclusion or stereotypes. While others, such as the emoji of the face mask or the one of the injection adapt to the times of pandemic. The first looks less troubled and the second swaps the original red substance that looks like blood for a vaccine.

The surprise comes with the emoji of the headphones, where Apple changed everything for the better to put a small illustration of its new AirPods Max.

Actually the new additions and changes look pretty good. Although the advertising movement does not stop drawing attention.