iOS 14.3 includes a long-awaited improvement for Shortcuts

The arrival of iOS 14 not only meant the arrival of widgets on the home screen of our mobile phones. Along with them, and thanks to the new system options, they also opened new and unexpected ways of personalization. Among them, the most prominent was the customizable icons. And not only with the options of the developers, but with any image we want.

Siri ShortcutsIOS Shortcuts at their best.

Since the new version of the system reached the iPhone, users have presented an incredible variety of possibilities thanks to those news. Everything we can think of is now possible on the iOS home screen, and to do so we just have to go through Shortcuts. However, the app still needed some changes to make its use even easier.

Many users will know that, when linking a shortcut to the home screen with an icon, we will have to go through the Shortcuts app every time we want to start it. However, with the next iOS 14.3 update this will no longer be necessary. The update will allow all shortcuts to launch from the home screen as if they were widgets.

ios 14 iPhone 12 proiOS 14 on the new iPhone 12 Pro.

Thus, a small pop-up window will simply open each time we activate one of the programmed routines, similar in style to classic widgets from the Today screen. This change would be part of Apple’s efforts to implement its “compact interface” in more places in the system. Other examples of this are call notifications, or iPadOS search.

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Of course, and as users have shared in the Reddit thread that has made it public, it is a long-awaited novelty. While it wasn’t particularly annoying, yes that seemed absurd that it was necessary to open Shortcuts when pressing the icons on the home screen. In the end, the integration of this app in the system is increasing, and it should be used to make it more invisible to the user’s eyes, while remaining functional.