IOC changes boxing qualification method for Tokyo

The ordeal of boxers who want to be in the Tokyo Games continues. The International Olympic Committee took control of the competition due to repeated cases of corruption in the International Federation (AIBA). Therefore, dIt was decided to centralize the entire classification process in 2020. The plan, although it made the boxers have several high peaks of form, was clear: pre-Olympic by continents (Oceania and Asia were in the same) and in May Paris would host a world play-off in which 32 men’s and 21 women’s places would be distributed for athletes who had been left out.

The pandemic, like other sports, affected boxing. The pre-Olympic of Asia-Oceania and the one of Africa was disputed, the one of Europe remained half and the one of America did not get to begin (it will be from 10 to 16 May in Buenos Aires). So far, the IOC had maintained the plan, until this Monday, when he announced the cancellation of the world pre-Olympic. The announcement is a blow to all the athletes who had put all their hopes there to be in Tokyo. At the moment, Task Force (body created by the IOC to organize the competition) has not revealed the new cast. The idea that circulates among the federations is that there will be more places in the continental pre-Olympics and the rest will be given according to the ranking of each region (The first ones who do not have a place will go) prepared by the Task Force before 2020, in which the results of the last World Cup and championship of each area are collected.

With that last minute change Spain is touched and hopeful at the same time. He is doing well because Miguel Cuadrado (-75 kg), Gazi Jalidov (-81 kg), Enmanuel Reyes Pla (-91) and Melissa Tudge (-60 kg) would have more qualifying options when the European Pre-Olympic is resumed, since all they are still alive in the tournament (they resume where they left off and the National Team has Gabriel Escobar (-52 kg) and José Quiles (56 kg) already classified). On the other hand, the team members already eliminated would have very few options, since they are very far in the rankings as the National Team did not attend the last World Cup. Of all the cases, that of the captain stands out, Youba sissokho. At the age of 29, they would see their options to become an Olympian disappear again (he went to Rio). In his case, he arrived in London almost without competing due to an injury and fell in the first fight, in a very controversial way, before the current world champion. At the moment he is in great shape, but without a world pre-Olympic qualification his dream is gone.

On the other hand, the great doubt of the Selection and the other European teams is knowing when and where the pre-Olympic will continue. UK decided not to host it due to the health situation and at the moment the place where it will fall is not known. It was scheduled in April, but after the refusal of the islands, it will be in June in a place yet to be determined.

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