Involution Flower: You have to hear it

Flower of Involution is the latest and you are really going to love it. We present you J mena’s new single, here at Music News.

It turns out that J mena released her most recent material, entitled, Flor de Involución, and the truth is that the title already tells us everything! This song premiered on March 31 and it has been successful, because on YouTube, on this platform, the official video clip of Flor de Involución has more than one million views.

What are you going to see here? In the official video clip of Flor de Involución you will see Jmena beautiful as always, many surreal shots, a somewhat vintage video combined with avant-garde elements. You will be able to see J mena’s feelings on the surface, details that we often overlook, in this video they show you those things, key moments in our lives that we have no idea that they exist.

You will also see an empowered woman, that no matter how many times she falls, or thousands of obstacles arrive, she always follows her goal, no matter what the social networks say, we can see this when in a scene a group of women take a photo of her In the end, she shows power more than that.

In this world full of social networks, false appearances, this is the most we need. Something very interesting is that in the video you can see how among women in the end they end up supporting each other, they end up uniting to get ahead. How many times do we attack each other? Believe me, the least we need right now is to attack a woman, let’s support each other, we always need each other.

A video that you will surely have to watch more than twice to understand the surrealism they are trying to explain. Very good! Here at Music News.