Investment strategy with Turbo24 on gold for the short and medium term

With a clear pattern of decreasing highs and lows for 8 months now it seems that refuses to lose the $ 1,680 per ounce and with this we must be attentive to any figure of an upward turn that tells us that the worst is behind us.

Through these months of falls long-term moving average has been lost that now it would be a good objective to test if he is able to mark the ground.

For this, on the one hand we can’t afford to go below $ 1,680 and if we do, it should be for very little and in an intraday format to show a bullish divergence per oscillator.

Evolution of the price of gold Eduardo Bolinches

But the second and most important thing is that we must see an upward reaction that leads us to complete the supposed double-bottom figure that the price of gold may be doing.

Only then will we have the long-term moving average test scenario lost in February and is now at $ 1,859 per ounce.

Faced with this situation, various strategies which we detail below.

Strategy with Turbo24 on gold Eduardo Bolinches