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The investing in long-term trends it offers an ever wider range of possibilities. One of the most recent is the one focused on pets and their care. Jesús Ruiz de las Peñas, director of business development of Allianz Global Investors for Spain, defends that “it is not a passing fad, it is a long-term theme.”

The expert acknowledges that this topic “Has been received with a certain skepticism”, but which is currently a strategy of “structural growth supported by two factors: the growth in the number of pets and average spending per pet” In this sense, he points out that both circumstances respond to long-term “demographic and social changes”.

Ruiz de las Peñas highlights that “the pet market is estimated at $ 130 billion“And emphasizes that” for the next few years it could have growth of more than 5% “. Some credentials that, in his opinion, justify this strategy that, in addition, usually offers considerable diversification and a very low overlap compared to other strategies.

Jesús Ruiz de las Peñas, director of business development at Allianz Global Investors Spain
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Within the specialized fund of Allianz Global Investors, the expert comments “the bulk of the companies that make up the portfolio they are small and medium capitalization because it is where we find greater degree of purity ” In this sense, it recognizes that “it is associated with greater volatility”, but highlights its “complementary investment” nature.

In this sense, he explains that “there are some 80-100 companies in the investment universe, but as it is a conviction fund it is concentrated in just 30 companies and the bulk is in those with a high degree of purity”When it comes to connecting your business to pet care.