Invest in the US real estate market with RealT and its ERC20 token

With an innovative proposal the American company RealT presents in Latin America its real estate investment and tokenization platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform allows people anywhere in the world to acquire properties in the USA legally.

Innovation comes from the hand of its fractional and tokenized real estate system. Investors will be able to acquire fractions of a specific property represented by tokens and earn passive income from it, for example, from its rent.

Ownership in most properties is determined by paper deeds. RealT replaces these writes with digital tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain called RealTokens. Tokenization of property rights allows property rights to be transmitted and traded on a global digital platform instantly and securely.

The RealTokens operate in accordance with two exemptions from US federal laws, one that allows the sale of these to Accredited Investors in the country and the other that allows you to sell to non-US persons.

How does RealT operate?

Each property on the platform is owned by a limited liability company (SRL), which is divided into ERC20 tokens based on its value.

Once the tokens that fully represent the fractional ownership have been sold, a real estate management company is in charge of managing it. Their job is to find tenants, collect the rent, and make the necessary repairs and changes to keep the property in good repair.

The users who own the RealTokens that represent the property obtain a weekly passive income product of the rent or rental of this. They can also vote on the decisions to be made regarding the property, such as the lease or the maintenance to be carried out.

The more property tokens an investor owns, the greater their percentage of income from rent and their weight in making decisions about the property.

How can I buy RealTokens?

To buy RealTokens The first step is to complete a thorough KYC registration process on the platform. There, among other things, we must verify our identity and request approval of our account.

Opening a RealT account requires passing the KYC verification.

We must also enter the address of our purse Ethereum where the tokens will be credited, or in case of not having, they offer us the possibility of creating one on the same website.

Choice of wallet to deposit the RealTokens

Once our account is approved we can review the real estate market available on the platform and buy our RealTokens.

Payment methods and cost of Tokens

We can acquire the RealTokens on the platform as soon as our account has been approved and for this we can use a variety of cryptocurrencies, among which are: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, USDC and Bitcoin Cash.

The approximate cost of each RealToken It ranges between 50 and 150 USD, which represent the lowest amounts that we could find in the real estate industry.

Passive income

On the RealT platform, each user who is a co-owner of the property in question receives a daily percentage corresponding to the property’s rent. This payment is made with a stablecoin associated with the value of the USD sent directly to the Ethereum wallet that houses the RealTokens and can be exchanged at any time for FIAT money.

Also, within the platform, users can sell their RealTokens without losing a penny, both to other users and to the same platform in a limited way for a maximum amount of 2,000 USD per week.

Option to sell RealTokens on the platform.

Affiliate program

RealT offers the possibility of becoming an online real estate agent to each of the users of its platform who have RealTokens. Although this process is not automatic, the only requirement necessary to be part of the Affiliate Program RealT is to buy Tokens on the platform. The main benefits of this affiliate program are the following:

2% refund on all Real Tokens Sold Advance Notice of New Properties Listed Rewards for Referred Users and More!


RealT makes it possible for anyone to acquire a property or at least a fraction of it in the USA through a simple registration process and a cryptocurrency transaction.

This represents a radical change in the world of real estate, by allowing people from other countries in the world to have access to real estate in the USA, without major barriers to entry and with minimal property transfer times, since both acquiring and selling properties tokens only takes a few minutes.

Definitely, RealT manages to effectively mix a traditional industry with current blockchain technology, making slow and complicated processes for the acquisition of real estate things of the past.

If you want to know more about the real estate platform RealT you can visit his website, his Twitter account and Telegram channel.

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