One of the most important rock bands from beyond the seas are the SUPER MICE. And on the occasion of giving birth to their splendid new work CARRERAS DE AVIONES —which has led them to be nominated for the prestigious Argentine Gardel Awards in several rock categories, and the presentation of their video Carreras de Aviones in two succulent versions: Officer and Quarantine—, they have allowed us to enter their house and tell us some things about their long career. A fabulous opportunity to give proof of this great band that also has a great love for our country, as well as having first-hand how the state of the musical world is in the Argentine lands.

1.- Although the band Super Ratones have visited Spain several times, in case there is any left behind, how did the adventure of Superatones come about, who are you and how would you frame or define your musical proposal?

Super Ratones emerged in Mar del Plata (beach city, 400 km from Buenos Aires) in the mid-eighties as a teenage adventure. We spent a few years in our geography -on the Argentine tourist coast- making enough noise to reach the ears of record companies in Buenos Aires. In 1990 we recorded our debut album; It was very successful throughout the country and a great boost to start the recording career that led us to record 10 albums and tour around half the planet to this day.

2.- Nominated several times to the Latin Grammys and the Gardel Argentinos, how do you get on with having recognition?

For us it was very gradual. It was only in 2000 that these Latin Grammy nominations appeared alongside the Gardel Awards. The first 10 years were more than presenting albums and tours of Argentina and neighboring countries, building our own path and making us known. In the last twenty years we have had many recognitions, and we feel it as a special affection for which we are very grateful. One works each song as if it were the last, so when these distinctions appear we feel that the songs have transmitted something, that they have struck a chord. And this undoubtedly causes us a big smile.

3.- Speaking of the Gardel, your latest album Carrera de Aviones has been nominated for the Gardel. A complicated album because it arose after a break in the band and the death of the singer and drummer. I imagine that apart from a prize for effort and inspiration you should consider it as one of your great personal achievements due to the circumstances in which it was born. How was the gestation of the LP?

The truth is that if! The last one was the toughest stage we’ve been through as a band and as people. Now the album is a reality and is perceived as a homogeneous whole, but it was not at all like that in reality. We went through various stations, real and metaphorical. It was a process of more than three years of small conquests and not a few tears. Person was a loved one, a brother to us and it was very difficult to see him go. It is undoubtedly the most emotional album we have made, also learning from unpublished circumstances for us, such as the fact of producing and recording it independently from start to finish.

4.- How has the album worked on a commercial and popular level in your country? And taking advantage of the times that run, what future plans do you have?

The album could finally be released in Argentina at the end of 2019, so we must be grateful that it came out just three months before the pandemic. It was working very well, and what we know is that it is making a lot of noise right now. The nominations have also helped to generate attention for the album and it makes us happy to know that it is being listened to. You can’t generate more than that in this context! Obviously we would love to support him by playing but …

5.- You are a band with an amazing facility to find the chorus, in my opinion one of your great qualities, how do you achieve that so difficult, which costs thousands and thousands of bands and artists so much?

I could not tell you! It is quite natural in our way of composing. Perhaps it may be because we have grown up listening to powerful songs rich in melodic and lyrical content. Each part of the song is important to me, everything that is captured has to have a reason to be, it has to convey something. The melody is essential, and the lyrics have to be up to par. Almost everything that I like has those qualities, maybe that’s why the filter that one has to compose makes us pay a lot of attention to those details.

6.- One of your greatest curiosities is having a President of a State as a participant in one of your songs. Something that must be unique in history. How did such an astral conjunction come about?

We have known Alberto Fernández since 2003 through music. He was always a great connoisseur and fan of Argentine rock, apart from playing the guitar and composing. When we participated in a tribute to Litto Nebbia in 2002, Alberto was in the audience, and when interviewed some time later, he expressed his taste for our band. Soon after we met and cultivated a friendship that grew over the years and in 2008 we invited him to record a guitar on the song “El Último Verano”. At that time, a horizon was unthinkable in which he was going to be the President of Argentina in 2019. Just as we could not imagine that Person was not going to be among us since 2015.

7.- Could you tell or briefly describe what the following words, characters or works tell you in which you were somehow involved?


The last summer

Air to breathe

How are we today?

Les Luthiers

The Posies


A minute is a long time

Urgent: a lot of travel, tours, some emotional exhaustion.

Last Summer: Barassi-Properzi joint contribution in equal proportion, with the same energy and enthusiasm.

Air to Breathe: American Adventure, Sun Studios, Memphis-Jacksonville, DJ Fontana. First dream come true.

How we are today: lots of planes, hotels and people up and down the stage.

Les Luthiers: The Argentine Beatles, proud as fans to have Jorge as a friend and collaborator on three of our albums.

The Posies: energy and pop with capital letters, beautiful synergy with Ken Stringfellow on our previous album and also live in Europe and Argentina.

Recyclable: compiled from very disparate songs from a confusing time.

One minute is a long time: of the first songs that appeared for this album; pop melancholy.

8.- A bit of curiosity so that people know you better and that we generally ask at rockthebestmusic. What was your first album that you bought? What music do you usually play when you go on tour? And could you tell me at least 5 essential records that you would take to a desert island?

It was probably Abbey Road because my parents had it and it had scratched me from listening to it so much. We usually put everything, there are many hours on the road … We take turns as DJs and each one puts what he feels for the moment. Tom Petty and Little Richard are never missing, a lot of sixties too. Charly García, Spinetta, the Shakers, and much much more!

Abbey Road (The Beatles);

Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys);

Younger than yesterday (The Byrds);

Full moon fever (Tom Petty);

Spilt Milk (Jellyfish).

9.- What do you recommend about new Argentine bands that follow your style or have captivated you?

There are many … I can name a few: I like classic bands Estelares, Los Tipitos; of the last years I like W, Indians, He killed a motorized policeman. Argentina has a lot of rock history and continues to have a very prolific scene.

10.- Finally, your relationship with Galicia in particular and Spain in general?

We got to know Galicia many years ago thanks to the Felipop Festival in Fene / Limodre, then we were lucky enough to go all over it playing, collecting many friends and anecdotes. Beautiful memories of touching and enjoying, of beaches and forests. Vigo, Las Rías Baixas, Sanxenxo, Santiago de Compostela, Ferrol, Redes, Limodre, Ourense, Caldas de Reis, San Vicente, Raxó, Carballo, Cariño, Portonovo, Pontevedra, and many more places.We are very grateful to be received with much darling every time we’re around!

From 2001 to the present, Spain has become our second home. We have been back almost continuously since then, traveling through highways, cities, and towns throughout the peninsula. Today, in every step we plan, Spain is present, and in fact, it is curious that Carreras de Aviones came out in 2019 in Spain a few months earlier than in Argentina.

This is all, we thank Mario and Lisandro for the facilities provided. To follow the band:

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