Interview with Gerardo Carmona, the new director of Peugeot in Mexico

2020 was a very important year for Peugeot in Mexico, as the French firm achieved the goal of the Together to Pass plan a year earlier and achieved 1.02% of the national market share.

In addition, since October last year, it has been obtaining a sustained growth in sales, which had a great peak in December with a 32% increase, numbers that helped the total drop in its loans during 2020 to be only 10.8% , one of the lowest in the national automotive industry.

With this good series of placements and a range that is in full renovation, Peugeot is also undergoing structural changes, the first being the union of the firm with the new Stellantis group and the second, the appointment of Gerardo Carmona as its new director in Mexico.

“I am excited to take this position, but also concerned, because we must maintain the commercial success that we have had in recent months, for this we have launches and news in the brand and at the same time we have to work on the integration of Peugeot into the Stellantis group .

“There are very interesting challenges, the union of Stellantis will bring us great benefits and synergies that were already very well defined by Carlos Tavares, among the most important will be in the medium-term product and also in the operation, the experience of the old group will help us a lot FCA, which has many tables and processes very well delineated in Mexico, which will represent a very good model for what we do, ”said the first Mexican leader of Peugeot in our country.

Gerardo is one of the Mexican executives with the most tables in the motor world, as he worked for many years in the Renault-Nissan Alliance, where his last position, before arriving in Peugeor Mexico, was Global Director of Product Marketing for Infiniti, as well as well as other strategic positions in Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong and Japan.

So Igor Dumas, who was director of the brand in our country from February 2017 to January 31, could not leave this operation in better hands, which in 2021 will face a year that should be consolidation.

“We are having good results, in January we did very well, December also had that trend.

“In December we grew 32% compared to December 2019, so there is clearly a good acceptance of the product we have and the job is to maximize the potential of this portfolio of a product so good and so fresh, which has less than two years on average to have been launched, it is the freshest range that Peugeot has had in all its history in Mexico.

“In addition, we are going to have in these days the launch of the updates of 3008 and 5008, which present important improvements, in April 208 will arrive and we will have new versions of other models, which make 2021 paint to be an excellent year and also that we are going to gain in these synergies in Stellantis. ”

Just another of the important points for Peugeot in 2021, the only brand of the old PSA Group in Mexico, is this integration with the FCA brands in Mexico under the new Stellantis shelter, a merger that united 15 brands and consolidated the fourth automotive group biggest in the world.

“The focus of our global CEO, Carlos Tavares, is to make better use of resources, technology and product. Being a larger group, it has a greater investment capacity and we have the critical mass to be able to make these strong investments and be competitive. ”

Especially in the face of the massive electrification of mobility during this decade and the arrival of different levels of autonomous driving.

Within the PSA group, Peugeot had a very special place, as it was the most aspirational firm of the defunct French group.

“The change at Peugeot started four years ago with 3008, where we set ourselves the mission to be the best high-end volume brand, that is, to place ourselves between the normal volume brands and the premium ones.

“The first was 3008, but now we have a new 208, the Landtreck proves it in its segment and is also present in the new 2008 and in all the products to come, which will continue under the same umbrella.”

But having such an aspirational product and with these levels of equipment requires a very important after-sales operation, to maintain that status of a superior product before the customer.

“We have all the promises well aligned, we have within Peugeot the highest customer satisfaction in all of Latin America and it is one of the 10 highest in the world for the brand, because customers who favor us with their purchase realize that the The product that we bring, mostly from Europe and with a very high specification, has a very high level of safety and quality and we take great care in purchasing and after-sales service. ”

So this 2021 is full of challenges and opportunities for the French firm in our country.