Thank you very much for granting us this interview and, first of all, congratulations on the presentation of the album “Victims of the American Dream”. With this, Desvariados already has three discs on the market. One, the first, difficult to get and the last two released with a big label like Warner Music. How has the evolution of these works been in your career?

We are increasingly clear about what we want to do, how to sound and what we want to transmit with our music. We are lucky to have a better team around us each time and that shows in all aspects of the album and the band. From that first “discontinued” model to our last job, many things have happened, many experiences, many people who have gone through the project, doing all that we are today.

You have also gone through several stages, going from trio to quartet or with changes in formation. What can Desvariados offer us today?

We are currently in a great moment, enjoying a lot of what we are achieving, a solid project that makes the most of every opportunity that presents itself. We put a lot of love into everything we do and that is perceived from the outside, leaving a great taste in the mouth of everyone who enters our universe.

One of your main hallmarks is concerts, where either alone or sharing the stage with great bands you have reached a large audience. Do you feel more comfortable live or recording in the studio?

We are a Rockanroll, road band, load amps, sweat a lot and sleep little. We enjoy making songs and recording albums, but really where we feel most comfortable and what brings out the best in us is the live show. We love everything that implies a concert, the sweet and the bitter … Right now we are a little “misplaced” because of all this of not being able to go out and play [risas]

In “Victims of the American Dream” there is a little bit of everything: classic Rock & Roll, halftime, more energetic songs, a ballad with the solo guitar accompaniment and even a “rockabilly” theme. How is the compositional process of Desvariados ”?

This time we were very direct, we set deadlines not to procrastinate, and although we got a little caught up in the recording it was a very exciting process. We start from many ideas with which we are making a puzzle until everything is coherent, what we are counting, the musical range that accompanies it, the gap in the storyline of the album … On the album there is everything because it is a reflection of we enjoy everything that Rock encompasses, and we love looking for our space in each of those nuances or different styles.

The lyrics revolve around sex, heartbreak, alcohol or loneliness. All kinds of border losers. What can you tell us about it?

They are very personal lyrics and sometimes it is more difficult to talk about them than to write or sing them. You have characterized it very well, I can not think of much more to add, perhaps influence that we seek to be direct, we are not afraid to use language that is sometimes aggressive, we want people to feel something when listening to them, whether good or bad, but that do not leave indifferent.

Desvariados maintains high the flag of rock sung in Spanish by Loquillo, Burning or Leño, among many others. Are you agree. Are they influences on the band?

Of course they are part of the soundtrack of our lives, perhaps more than our young years as they say, but it is clear that they have marked us and have a lot to do with who we are today. To which we must add the opportunities we have had to share the stage with all of them, nights in which we have learned much of what little we know today.

The album is produced by Josu García, from Loquillo. How was the experience?

Working with Josu was great, it took someone to bring order to a room full of disjointed papers, riffs, and ideas. He has taken our songs to a point that we love, he has involved a lot in the project and most importantly, he has taught us to enjoy the process, not to give it more importance or more seriousness than it has. We have recorded a Rockanroll album in a Rockanroll environment and it was something we will not forget.

Although we move away a little from “Victims of the American Dream”, how are you living this Covid-19 epidemic. Is it affecting you a lot?

At the project level it affected us a lot, we had to postpone the release of the album, the tour … finally, a lot of work that suddenly ended up in no man’s land. But despite the harshness that has been, we relativized, right now our album or our concerts are not as important as health, family, people who have been and are in the forefront of all this. We send from here all the encouragement in the world and a sincere thanks for everything they are doing for us.

Do you want to say something more to your followers and “fans”?

Enjoy life, family, love, sweet and sour drinks, that suddenly a bug appears and can screw everything. And as far as we are concerned, be patient, the album will come out, the concerts will return and the wait will be worth it.

Thank you very much again for answering these questions and best of luck with the new album. Hope to see you soon on stage.