Few, really very few women worldwide have found the way in motorsports to make their career as a professional driver at the highest level. Undoubtedly in this ranking, the most outstanding is the Colombian Tatiana Calderón, with whom we talked to talk about the challenges of this 2020.

To get to where it is today, the journey was not easy. In a traditionally masculine sport, all kinds of obstacles have been encountered, but the Bogota woman has overcome them thanks to her perseverance, discipline and extraordinary human warmth. Talent has it, but unfortunately so far it has had neither the car nor the team in GP3 and Formula 2 to shine. That’s how cruel this sport is, but despite this many of us still believe in it.

Tatiana Calderón driving BWT Arden Formula 2 last year

One of those tests of faith that Tatiana generates is the ratification that Alfa Romeo has done to her as a test pilot and also as an ambassador for the team for this 2020. We did not miss the opportunity to know her opinion on this great news: “I am super happy They have been months of hard work, but they have paid off very well, staying with the Alfa Romeo Racing team as test driver and ambassador is very special.

It is my Swiss family and obviously seeing all the progress they have been making in recent years, we hope that this 2020 is positive, that we start in the best way and logically pushing so that I hope I can get on the C39, this year’s new car

Tatiana said.
In Mexico after the 2018 GP, Tatiana Calderón was the first Latin American woman in F1

The Alfa Romeo thing is not a simple question of courtesy towards the Colombian. His role has been earned hard after successfully completing three Formula 1 tests with the Italian-Swiss team in Mexico, Fiorano and Paul Ricard, and also conducting important tests in the simulator.

For 2020, his schedule is fully booked, mainly with three major challenges in which he will debut: the Japanese Super Formula, European Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On the challenges of this season he said: “I think it is a year full of new challenges. There will be many trips and you have to organize yourself well. It is a great opportunity, since as a driver you always want to be on top of a race car and I will have many , with a lot of time on the track, so it is one of the best sports years.

Obviously you have to be present with the Alfa Romeo team and do simulator sessions. 2020 will be very busy, many commitments but it is worth it. Hopefully we will be able to squeeze and learn to the maximum this year and thus continue preparing ourselves to take that last leap hopefully getting to compete in F1, “said the pilot.

In January, the Colombian pilot participated for the first time in a long race. It was at the 24 Hours of Daytona

Now with Tatiana’s course in the Japanese Super Formula, a category with similar characteristics to Formula 2, she is presented with an excellent opportunity to achieve the necessary points of the Super License that the FIA ​​requires to ascend to Formula 1. Her season It will start on April 4-5 in Suzuka.

Regarding Alfa Romeo and the foreshadowing of the team for this season, the Bogota woman said: “It is too early to know where each one is. We have been able to follow our program as it had been planned from the beginning. We have had Robert, Antonio and Kimi driving the car. Robert is new, but commented on the cars he has driven and he has been quite happy with this. Both Antonio and Kimi are satisfied and I think it is a step ahead of last year. But everyone is improving and there is to be very attentive. “Tatiana concluded.

Tatiana will have Katherine Legge and Sophia Floersch as teammates in the Richard Mille team in the European Le Mans series

A few days ago the Colombian pilot received another excellent news and it was the sponsorship he received from the ROKiT Group. They will be supporting it in the Japanese Super Formula and in the European Le Mans Series. It is an important support of this conglomerate of companies, bearing in mind that in motorsports they are sponsors of the Williams Formula 1 team and Venturi in Formula E.

We wish Tatiana Calderón a happy birthday today and best wishes for this 2020 season.