Internet Archive will save all Flash content before it disappears

Through the Internet Archive is how we can keep alive the creations made in Flash, which will be lost at the end of the year.

Some years ago on the Internet things were too different from what we see today. There were no social networks, so communication between users was almost impossible, except for some forums that were not very well known.

There were also no video sites like Youtube or Vimeo, much less streaming services like Netflix, but rather all the pages that They gave us entertainment and could be found in specialized magazines on the subject or through recommendations from friends with real interaction..

Some magazines even included CDs that helped people find these websites or that contained Flash animations made by small groups of people.

The world has changed a lot

Some of those magazines and recommendations led us to find entertainment masterpieces like that Badger Badger Badger animation.

But Flash animations are here to stay, but not only did it stay there, Well, we could also see many interesting games come to us thanks to Flash. Within those games we can find Henry Stickmin, Meat Boy and many more legendary works.

That’s why the Internet Archive decided to save all of this content for posterity before it is no longer viewable later this year. This by means of a Flash emulator called Ruffle, which will allow everyone to continue seeing the content that we think would disappear permanently.

As surely many will already know, Flash will stop working at the end of the year and this is reminded us very often when we enter the Internet; We are even recommended to uninstall it at once, as it would also be impossible to use it by the year 2021.

So the Internet Archive is doing one of the noblest jobs we’ve seen on the web, Well, the story of life online would not be the same without everything we knew thanks to Flash.