International Reggae Day: its influence on fashion

We analyze the meaning of reggae’s favorite colors and their influence on fashion.

The use of colors Rastafarian in fashion over the years it is more and more common. For some, it is an opportunity to celebrate what are seemingly universal beliefs. The green color recalls the importance of the earth, yellow represents peace and hope and red symbolizes strength.

Reggae music’s connection to the Rasta world is, of course, largely due to Bob marley. The artist, whose songs often infused Rasta teachings and messages, often wore Rasta stripes to further enhance his message, eventually becoming synonymous with the reggae sound.

For the singer-songwriter and activist Erykah BaduHis appreciation for Rasta culture and his spirit of clean and spiritual life has influenced his own personal style.

Artists like Rihanna have worn the ubiquitous colored stripes in recent years, which primarily signifies their love of the musical genre.

Today, those Rasta colors can be found everywhere, from retail stores in fairs on the sidewalks.

Even an outfit of thousands of dollars of Rasta color like the one that walked the show Gigi hadid for Tommy Hilfiger. This served as a reminder of the power of fashion’s ability to access a larger discourse on why those colors exist and the varied meanings it represents for different communities and individuals today.

Dreadlocks, pop stars, and fashion designers included.

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