Internal communion, key to the success of Pumas: Trejo

Karla Torrijos

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, December 1, 2020, p. a14

Mario Trejo, former manager of Pumas, applauded that after starting the season with very few expectations, the auriazul team has achieved an internal communion, which has been fundamental for the good performance of the team in the 2020 Guardians Tournament, where on Sunday advanced to the semifinals after eliminating Pachuca.

“Beyond the technical and tactical aspect, for now the most important thing is that the team achieved an internal communion. The squad started the tournament with the departure of its coach (Miguel González, Míchel) and in his place they temporarily put the person in charge of the basic forces (Andrés Lillini), while they got another with a better name, always looking for that flash that did not it is necessary, what was needed was someone with the capacity and identity with the institution.

Then Lillini comes, with that simplicity that distinguishes him, and makes a communion with the squad, who are very committed players, and they begin to win. Then doubts and criticisms arise, but the team does not fall, they even finish the regular phase in second place overall and today they are in the semifinals. It seems to me that everyone has done an excellent job and I see them with a good chance of being champions.

He recalled that this campaign, which was full of difficulties for the entire UNAM, has been very similar to others in which the team ended up winning the title, so he does not rule out a repeat of this feat.

“I feel that in this tournament the club returned to the bases. If we do a slight review of the championships, the vast majority have been like this, with an uncertain start and little expectation on the part of the fans, since no large investments are made, but finally the tournament is resolved in a ‘very similar’ way. Puma ‘and the goal is achieved, I hope this time is not the exception, “he said.

Regarding Cruz Azul, Pumas’s rival in the semifinals, he estimated that the almost 23 years that he has not won the title will not be a factor that despite this version of The Machine, these players do not carry that burden, much less his coach (Robert Dante Siboldi). It is a very strong team, I don’t think they think about the past, but only about being champions.