The next July 30, 2020 we can visit the kingdom of Fiore in Fairy Tail RPG, which is the first foray into the world of video games in this universe created by Hiro Mashima. Since this launch is no longer so far away, now its creators are putting all the meat on the grill (and thank goodness it is not dragon), and for this reason we can see the interior of Lucy Heartfilia’s house, but also a new Unison Raid attack starring Erza and Mirajane. This guild is going to give it their all to make your game a success!

Lucy, Erza and Mirajane star in the latest Fairy Tail round of information

The wizards of this outrageous guild have great power abilities, as we can see in the last video that has been shared. In it, we observe how Erza and Mirajane They join forces to defeat all the enemies that stand in front of them, and that is that they are two of the most powerful mages that we can find in the kingdom of Fiore. And the truth is that these final attacks known as «Unison raid»Have been designed by Hiro Mashima, so they will be very faithful to the personalities of the characters!

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Also, since the Fairy Tail RPG will kick off right at the conclusion of the Tenrou Island arc, so some player may not be familiar with the arcs that take place before this arc. However, the creators of the game are more than aware of this fact, so we can always go to the Lucy Heartfilia’s house, where Natsu and company spend a lot of time, in order to read some books that will tell us the background of each and every one of the characters. In addition, this is not the only function that will be in this place, since we can also see various scenes from the game, listen to the soundtrack or even change the appearances of our characters.