Intergenerational PS5 games have been “built from scratch” to harness their power

Jim Ryan doesn’t want to sideline PS4 users, but promises to deliver a tailored experience on PS5.

Playstation 5

With PlayStation 5 already on sale in some countries, one of the most talked about topics in its final stretch has been the announcement of intergenerational games by PlayStation. In September we learned that titles like Miles Morales, Sackboy or the new Horizon Forbidden West will all have versions of PS4, something that stuck well with those who do not yet give the generation jump, but that caused criticism for this position contrary to the intergenerational that the company maintained throughout the previous year.

Our PS5 versions of those games are built from scratch Jim RyanNow, as part of his interview with The Telegraph, the current head of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, has spoken on this topic, making it clear that his games have been created first for harness the power and the PS5 features, and then comes the PS4 version: “The first thing I have to say is that our experiences or PS5 versions of those games are created from scratch to take advantage of the range of functions by PS5“.

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“So I think offer a version of those games to the PS5 community, and also a PS4 version to the PS4 community … I do not see where the problem is in this “, says Ryan. In this, the PlayStation leader remembers that the PS4 community exceeds 100 million players, and as they have mentioned in the past, they do not think to leave these users aside:” We have a community of players from more than 100 million [de personas] on PS4“.

They’re using their PlayStation Why would we stop offering them games? Jim RyanIt would be wrong to abandon those people too soon. And they have used their PS4s this year, under confinement, at a higher level than at any previous point in their life cycle. They are using their PlayStation. They are happy with their PlayStation Why would we stop offering them games?“A few words that agree with that other recent statement from the company, who promise to support PS4 for at least 3 more years, despite the change of generation.

As part of the interview, Jim Ryan has played some other very popular songs of his change of generation. Issues such as the price increase in PS5 games, or also the possibility that the next God of War would also have a version for PS4. In any case, and with PS5 about to debut in Spain, we invite you to review the impressions of Astro’s PlayRoom and the DualSense, and of course, our complete analysis of PlayStation 5.

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