According to Massimo Moratti, Inter Milan should not refrain from dreaming of recruiting Lionel Messi.

And if it was Lionel Messi who joined Lautaro Martinez, and not vice versa? While Inter Milan striker should be one of FC Barcelona’s recruitment priorities next summer, the Italian club could lead the Blaugranas to a hard turn on the front of the transfer window. So, according to Massimo Moratti, Inter would be able to tackle the icon of Barça in the next transfer market.

Messi free to move?

“I think Messi is a dream that Inter is not at all banned at the moment,” assured the former Milanese president to Sky Sports. He is at the end of his contract and I think there is certainly an effort by the club to try to bring him to Milan. In this situation, the cards have been shuffled, I do not know if they are positive or negative. “

Regarding Messi’s contract, the sixfold Ballon d’Or is currently linked with FC Barcelona until 2021. But the Catalan press regularly mentions the existence of a clause, which would allow him to leave l ‘next summer. This was confirmed by President Bartomeu last September, corroborating what Gerard Piqué said: “Leo has gained the power to decide each year what he does with his future. »Will he decide to join Cristiano Ronaldo in Serie A?

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