The National Futsal League It is Movistar Inter. The Madrid team surpassed their ghosts and the losses of their two most decisive players, Gadeia and Ricardinho, to successfully complete the Playoff Express and make good the advantage in the event of a tie, to beat Viña Albali Valdepeñas in the title match, which ended in a tie (3-3) enough for those of Tino Pérez.

After two sober games, Inter reached the final with the favorite vitola that gives him his status as the main seed and his subsequent conversion into a draw victory, but he should be alert to a Valdepeñas that already separated them from the fight for the Cup and he returned to show himself as a potential villain in a single-party format, caused by the emergence of the coronavirus.

The casualties, already known, from Gadeia and Ricardinho they gave way to the more choral version of Inter, with Pito and Humberto as differential elements and the best versions of Borja, Jesús Herrero or Pola on the track. There was also Ortiz, who will leave like many of his teammates, but remained until the last day determined to lift his last league for Inter.

The first part wasted equality, trial and error, and quality measured doses. Chino scored from a penalty for Valdepeñas, neutralizing Pito’s initial, but in the last minutes of the first half Borja was going to score, with I whistle again marking a 3-1 that made the final very difficult for Valdepeñas in the middle.

Those of David Ramos did not lose their heads to the game, knowing that Inter would give a physical drop. Valdepeñas waited for his moment and managed to cut distances with a Cainan’s most powerful free kick that slipped under the legs of Jesús Herrero. There was hope and the Castilian-La Mancha went all out for the dream of the League. Dani Santos jumped to the park with the player goalkeeper shirt.

Ortiz says goodbye with the Cup

The occasions happened and it was the Madrid player who scored a tie that gave way to a last play, since Inter would claim victory in the event of a tie. Catela had it in a few seconds of heart attack, but the resistance of Movistar Inter successfully culminated the match and a title suffered to exhaustion and that supposes the dreaming farewell for Ortiz and makeup the controversial episodes between the directive and a Ricardinho who did celebrate with his teammates after a Final Phase to his ball and defenestrated for reasons that are intuited but are not publicly known. The photo of the Portuguese on the one hand, on the other Ortiz’s, raising the Cup, which represent two diametrically opposite ways of saying goodbye to Inter, but both coinciding in the final hug and the smile of the champion.