Monday July 27, 2020

In the duel of the giant of the north against the giant of the south, Napoli is obliged to get a win to qualify for the Europa League. This interesting duel belonging to date 37 of Series A can be enjoyed starting at 3:45 p.m. tomorrow.

The Italian league is the only one of the five major leagues that is still in competition. Although the tournament is defined, there are still situations that must be sentenced. One of them is the quotas for international tournaments, a fact that Napoli still remains in contention, but for that he must beat Inter in the match of the date at Giuseppe Meazza.

Due to the attractiveness of the duel, Xperto offers this crossing as a unique match. If they win the venue, Inter delivers a payment of 1.65 in relation to the bet. The tie gives a remuneration of 3.0. While the visiting victory yields a revenue of 2.75. Remember that you can bet on, Xperto Mobile -application for smartphones- and in all Polla agencies in the country.


Inter is second in the standings and with its place in the Champions League more than assured. The team led by Antonio Conte has shown from a statistical point of view to be better than Napoli, which surpasses by 17 points in the table.


This duel does not imply any major relevance for Inter, but not for Napoli, who must win to be eligible for a Europa League spot. Gennaro Gattuso’s team has the incentive to opt for a classification to an international tournament.


Romelu Lukaku came this season to the Lombard box and quickly became the team’s top scorer. Despite being out of the Capo Cagnoneri competition, the Belgian is the third highest scorer in the competition with 23 goals, the same number of goals scored by Premier League scorer Jamie Vardy.