Inter already takes out the calculator

04/08/2021 at 8:16 PM CEST

The Inter from Antonio Conte already counts. After winning this Wednesday in a game postponed to Sassuolo, the ‘Nerazzurri’ lead by eleven points to Milan. It is the first time that Inter has led the standings with double digits, a merit they have earned in a devastating second round.

The wards of Conte they count by victories their last ten days. In fact, they have lost only one game so far in 2021, on January 6 against the Sampdoria. His second loss in A series. Champion numbers, even more so when his pursuers falter. The MilanWithout going any further, he has added 10 of the last 24 possible points.

That is why from Italy they already count the days that remain for the ‘Nerazzurri’ to raise a ‘Scudetto‘which has resisted them since 2010, when they kissed the glory under the direction of Jose Mourinho. According to what ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ pointed out yesterday, for Inter it is enough to add five victories and a draw in the nine remaining days to be proclaimed champion. And that is counting on the fact that the pursuers do not leave points, something that today seems unlikely.

The ‘nerazzurri’ play a lot in the coming days against teams like Cagliari, Spezia or Crotone. Winning would allow them to arrive less demanded to the duels against Rome and Juve in the last three dates.

The Inter coach is not for stories. The important thing is to win, how is secondary. After beating the Sassuolo 2-1, with 30% possession and few shots on goal, Conte Laughing, he left a phrase that says a lot about his philosophy: “We have a goal and if aesthetics comes later, perfect; otherwise, the important thing is the title. If we only want aesthetics, then let’s all go to a beauty center and get a ‘facelift’ & rdquor ;.