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Antonio Moreno Cabello, better known in popular culture as Tony Kamo, is a character who in the 1990s became extremely popular due to his frequent appearances on television, in which he made hypnosis a show. Millions of people got to see him hypnotizing people on stage and even bragging about hypnotizing entire crowds.

His popularity was such that in addition to his participation in different programs, he managed to host his own spaces, such as The Enchanted Night, Incredible … Mind, Amazing Night, Powerful … Mind, Tony’s House and Intimate … mind.

In fact, it boasts of having hypnotized more than 2,500,000 live attendees throughout its more than 5,150 shows. His image became almost iconic: with his serious face and his fixed gaze, fixed on the camera, with the confidence of someone who has been in the business for about three decades.

From hypnosis to help

In his shows, Tony Kamo used to highlight the fact that hypnosis can improve people’s quality of life, helping them to get out of a problem or overcome a condition. Images of both celebrities and ordinary citizens became common, allowing themselves to be surprised by what the hypnotist accomplished in them, apparently against their will.

Therefore, it was not a surprise to learn of the turn that his career would take in the following years: conferences or seminars to improve the quality of life of people who want to give up a vice or simply be happy.

And that is the reason he is passing through Mexico: a series of talks that he will give in the city of Guadalajara, precisely with the promise of improving people’s quality of life:

“The four seminars that I will give are: on Friday April 23, one called Self-esteem and another that is Control of stress, anxiety and fears, and on the 24th one that is to lose weight and another to stop smoking”, he tells us .

You are talking about some of the evils that most afflict our society

Yes, they are issues that are being suffered everywhere; People are increasingly anxious, stressed and more afraid, and it is logical because our thinking is what generates everything and always thinking: “What will happen to my work”, “How am I going to pay for everything? what should I “?,” what am I going to do with my life “or” what will happen if I get infected? “, because it is the forward thinking that causes more and more intense anxiety, so people are beginning to drink, smoke and eat more, plus they have less tolerance … This is not good for anyone.

And how do you help them? What is the technique you use?

They are techniques that are done with the person of cognitive restructuring, what is done is that they are taught to have more coordinated thoughts. You have anxiety because your thought is in the future and that thought that should be rational you have made it irrational. All those illogical and incoherent thoughts such as “smoking relaxes me” or “I smoke because he is my partner” must be changed, that is why it is called cognitive restructuring, because all thinking is restructured, people are taught the new way of thinking there is for all that and once they do, there are another series of techniques that provoke recordings in the individual so that they have a greater effectiveness, which are usually called anchors.

Is that the so-called “suggestion method?”

It is the method of progressive suggestion that I have created, and that little by little is leading the individual from an illogical, irrational or incoherent thought to the system that I want, and from there, I start with the recordings that I want to give, so that from there comes the change, the wonderful way.

The former psychologist assures that for the moment he only plans to take these talks to Guadalajara, and that later, if the epidemiological traffic light allows it, he will think about going to more cities in Mexico.

“Before we planned things for two whole years, everyone had wonderful plans, but now you can’t make plans even a month away. Our goal is to go to Puerto Vallarta, and if it works, also to Querétaro, but we are going to see, little by little ”, he adds.

“Hypnosis has great value when it is used therapeutically and used well, and when it is done for fun, as I did, it also has a very important value.”

Tony Kamo, the hypnotist

Thousands, probably millions of people met this character during his television appearances, in which he bragged about hypnotizing anyone who came in front of him, even entire crowds. One snap of his fingers and he put people to sleep or made them do whatever he told them to do.

“Now I’m focused much more on seminars,” he tells us. “Keep in mind that if I’m going to make someone quit smoking, I can’t put them on a fun show because it doesn’t seem to tune well to me. So, I’m going to focus on this, which is something more serious, to change your way of thinking, your way of acting in life, and when the time comes to do hypnosis, I’ll be there … You can do wonderful things, help people in an amazing way. Hypnosis has great value when it is used therapeutically and used well, and when it is done for fun, as I did, it also has a very important value ”.

Since you mentioned it, you became very popular because you presented hypnosis as something fun, practically like a show.

Sure, that’s how I made it, to make it so. Keep in mind that in the nineties hypnosis was not so widespread, it was not taught as much, and I had to transform it and show it like that to teach the incredible things that can be done with the mind … That was what I did for many years.

“98 percent of those who enter your seminar to quit smoking, succeed, and the remaining 2 percent who do not quit smoking is because they did not follow my instructions”

What has been Tony Kamo’s greatest achievement?

What I am doing now. Because if before what you saw was spectacular, this is a thousand times more: That you see a person who smokes and without using hypnosis, the person leaves there without smoking, or someone with a crisis and panic attacks and get out without them… That’s amazing, it’s wonderful. The most incredible thing you can imagine.

Are you saying that people come out completely recovered after a session with you?

Yes, because they are not informative talks. This is like this: you go in and out. For example, at the smoking cessation seminar, I tell people that 98 percent of those who enter quit, and that the remaining 2 percent who don’t quit is because they didn’t follow my instructions. The seminar lasts three hours, and at two and a half hours there is a break, so that if you are not convinced you can leave and they will give you your money back.

And you have also dedicated yourself to publishing books.

Yes, I have nine books on the market and the last one is called The 10 Steps to Happiness; It is a book that talks about self-esteem, because to become happy it is necessary to have an excellent self-esteem. You will not be able to do well in your job with poor self-esteem, or with your partner if one of you has poor self-esteem, and you cannot do well in a project if you have poor self-esteem, because you do not have the motivation or the security to achieve all that. You stay there short. What does this mean? That the first seven steps are those that are based on self-esteem and the other three are those that are based on the environment that is surrounding you so that you have a balance and a better quality of life, that is, greater happiness.

Is it true that you released an album? An album titled Solo de noche, signed by Tony Kamo, appears in the Discogs database.

No … That’s a joke that a friend of mine made, to see who would fall … I didn’t do anything, they just put the photos and all that, to make it look like a real record.

There are few voices that accuse him of being a fraud. Since his days as a mentalist, dozens of people said they were not hypnotized, but were acting. Now that he is offering his seminars, voices have also emerged claiming to have attended them without making a difference. He defends himself arguing that those who do not want to be hypnotized are not hypnotized and those who do not want to be cured are not cured.

Who is Tony Kamo then? Before saying goodbye, he hastens to pronounce solemnly:

“I am a person who tries to help others and to do techniques that help a person have a better quality of life, that is the objective, it is what I intend.”

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