Intel solves a bottleneck in the world of quantum computing

05/13/2021 at 4:02 PM CEST

Intel has given a significant step towards making quantum computers more practical. The company, joining forces with QuTech has explained that they have achieved for the first time a high fidelity process using a Horse Ridge processor with cryogenic control and two power qubits. Quantum computers typically run on an interconnected bottleneck that uses room temperature electronics to cool quantum chips., the demonstration showed that Horse Ridge can achieve the same fidelity in its operations as these computers much higher in temperature (and consumption).

The two firms have also shown that Horse ridge can control multiple qubits on a single frequency line, which is known as “multiplexing” and uses a much more efficient algorithm than conventional quantum machines.

This change could mean that the processors can integrate the electronics of the quantum chips on the same dial. What I would do much easier to scale quantum computers and therefore that we can enjoy quantum computers in our homes.

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