Intel sells to MediaTek Enpirion, its chip business to manage device power

Intel continues to sell branches of its business. Now it is the turn of Enpirion, a division that has been bought by its competition: MediaTek.

During the last few months we have witnessed how Intel It has gone through an apparent stage of strong changes and transitions with the sale of several lines of its business.

We recently saw how he sold for a spectacular figure the part of its business focused on NAND memories and SSD, and now it is the turn of its chips that manage energy with Enpirion.

It is perhaps one of the less popular strands of the company, but it represents another important step in the recent history of the popular brand.

What does the transaction entail

As reported by the people of MyFixGuide, Intel sold its branch of Enpirion, the business dedicated to the development of power management chips, to MediaTek.

The movement would have been made for an also considerable amount of USD $ 85 million. Given the sum and nature, the transaction would enter the approval process by regulatory entities to support the change of owner movement.

This part of Intel focuses on very specialized power management hardware solutions for FPGA, SoC, CPU and ASIC circuits. Maybe that’s why it was not as popular as the division dedicated to NAND and SSD memories.

Richtek, a subsidiary of Mediatek, was the one made the purchase move and with this they would substantially increase the spectrum of their services.

It is therefore a strategic move that many may not de facto notice when buying a smartphone or computer. But it changes the order of the chess pieces in that highly competitive industry.