Integrated VPN and flag security

Avast has just announced the launch of its private browser for iOS. It is Avast Secure Browser, a proposal that is already supported on Windows, Mac and Android, thus being a multiplatform browser. Launch coincides with a major browser update, and it is not only available for iOS, but it can also be installed on iPadOS and even iPod.

We wanted to test the operation of this browser, as well as analyze what are your keys to be different from the rest, since Avast flags that it is a very secure proposal, with a clear focus on privacy.

This is the Avast browser

The Avast Secure Browser browser, as soon as it is opened, tells us that it is based on three pillars: ad blocking, tracker blocking and browsing with a VPN included. Regarding the VPN, it connects to Strasbourg, France. If we want to change the location of it, we will have to go to the premium version of the browser. However, with the free version we can navigate with French VPN, to hide the location of the device.

By default, the ad blocker and web trackers are active, and you can easily reverse these options from the settings. Another interesting option that we can activate from the settings menu is that of remove tabs on exit, a good point to avoid accumulating tabs every time we jump to new websites.

We have an advanced mode by which we can create custom modes of navigation, a very interesting function

Advanced mode lets us customize even more. First of all, we see that the search engine of this browser is OneSearch. We can choose from a wide list, among which is Google, Yahoo !, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, StarPage and more.

Within navigation we can activate the dark mode, prevent screenshots from being taken, configure custom navigation modes and, ultimately, adjust the browsing experience to our liking.

Avast Secure Browser


Avast browser comes to iOS: built-in VPN and flag security