“Instead of filling the refrigerator, many lose it”

The ex-president Mauricio Macri he recalled the last presidential election when he maintained that Argentines opted for the Frente de Todos in those elections, tempted by an electoral proposal that « told them to come back to us that we are going to give them a free barbecue or we will fill the refrigerator. »

Macri acknowledged that his defeat in the first round against the current president Alberto Fernandez in 2019 it was due to the fact that «lexpectations were not aligned with reality » in the middle of the economic crisis that left his administration, but he immediately clarified that there were many Argentines who « were tempted by a proposal that told them to come back to us that we will give you free roast or fill the refrigerator, and now instead of filling the refrigerator many are going to see that they lose it. »

Macri said that now, in the face of the « crisis we have entered that will be worse than that of 2001, many will understand » that the course his government had taken was the « right one. »

The former president spoke on Monday at the virtual meeting of the Atlantic Forum, organized by the International Foundation for Freedom, led by the writer Mario Vargas Llosa, where he again accused the government of « mismanagement » in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and against the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner he said he is trying to « demolish the institutional system. »

About the coronavirus, Macri extended his criticism of the « great leaders of the world » for generating « an inability to contain the pandemic » and falling into acts of « authoritarianism », instead of « empowering the citizen » to take precautions. Macri believes that Argentina made the « worst experiment with the longest quarantine. »