The war for audiences occurs in streaming, but also on social networks. Since the emergence of TikTok, all platforms have seen some uncertainty due to the number of new users and the time their communities spend on their networks, which has rekindled the dispute for being the most attractive and the best example is what happens. with Instagram.

The photo and video app owned by Facebook until the middle of last year carried the label of the ‘Crown heir’ for being the one with the highest growth rate and, above all, for engagement with young audiences – Millennials and Gen Z-. However, this changed after the ambitious growth strategy of the Chinese-based social platform with which it has begun to gain prominence.

The format that is trending

We say that what happens with Instagram is the best example of how the war for audiences is being reignited by a recent report that indicates that it would be offering to pay cash to high-level TikTok profiles to move to their platform.

According to information published by The Wall Street Journal, the goal of the Facebook-owned app would be for these tiktokers to be the spearhead for their new rival short-form video service, Reels.

Although the report does not give specific names about the content creators that Instagram would seek to recruit, it did indicate that it would seek to be a differentiator in what was described as the competition between “Facebook and TikTok”.

Recall that Instagram is working on boosting Reels, a feature that will allow users to edit and publish 15-second videos that can be used in DM, put in Stories, or launch in their Feed to share with the community.

The plan is to launch in many more markets to other than Brazil and India, countries where it is already tested; This would include the United States (its main market) and 50 other countries (United Kingdom, Japan, and Mexico among them).