Instagram works on the feature you were waiting for for its desktop version | Technology

Instagram is working on the possibility of letting us create posts from a laptop or desktop, and that’s how it would work.

Instagram, launched in 2010, is an application born and designed for mobile devices, and offers us a simple way to create all our stories, upload photos or like the publications of our friends, and through the screen of our mobile device .

However, Instagram has changed a lot over time, and is no longer only used by the youngest, but also by large companies that do not hesitate to manage communication and marketing plans using their Instagram accounts.

That is why in recent years the demands of the community of users who have asked that Instagram enable the possibility of creating publications from our desktop or laptop computer, in a function that is being tested internally, although it seems that it will not reach the stable version in the short term.

If you post regularly on Instagram, especially if it is content that you have to prepare in advance, you should schedule it. We are going to show you how to schedule a photo on Instagram, free, step by step.

And it is that although until now the only way to create an Instagram publication is through the application, things could change. As the developer and application analyst anticipates Alessandro paluzzi, Facebook is working on the ability to create posts from the Instagram desktop website.

Once it is implemented a new + button in the navigation bar at the top so that we can upload images or videos and thus create the publication.

The operation would be very simple, because once we click on that + button, Instagram will ask us to upload the photo / video that we want to publish. Then users would be shown the option to choose the aspect ratio of the image between square (1: 1), portrait (4: 5) and landscape (16: 9).

The next screen would allow us choose a filter optionally and from there we would arrive at a screen where we could enter data like title, tag people, add location information and much more. Yes, all of the above from the desktop version of Instagram.

Desktop users will also be able to drag and drop images and videos into the corresponding window, which will be tremendously simple, even faster than doing it on the mobile device.

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