Instagram will finally let you upload photos from your computer

If you use Instagram from your computer, very soon you will have the possibility to upload photos directly from the web version.

Good news for people who use Instagram through its computer or tablet: very soon, the social network will include the option to upload images from web version, as has recently been discovered by inquiring through the code of the social network and activating hidden functions.

It is surprising that, ten years after its launch, Instagram is still considering including such basic functionality in the version of its application for computers – although there are methods to upload photos to Instagram from the PC. However, it should not be forgotten that, from the beginning, Instagram is, has been, and will be a social network focused on being used through mobile

The icon of Instagram, the world’s most used image and video social network.

The web version of Instagram will allow you to upload photos

It has been the developer Alessandro Paluzzi who, in his Twitter profile, has published the screenshots what they show how the option to upload images and create posts from the web version will work from Instagram.

This option will allow drag an image or video to the browser tab to create a post, or choose files from document explorer.

After choosing the file to upload, the wizard will give us the option to crop the image, apply filters, put a title or description, and make any changes that could be made through the mobile version of Instagram.

How to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality

The version of Instagram for the web will not only be good news for those who use the social network from their computer. Since, in the middle of 2021, there is no Instagram version for iPad yet, this could be the salvation of those people who, even today, still do not have the option of uploading photos to Instagram from their tablets.

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