Instagram will allow posting from PC

Instagram’s relationship with the PC is, to say the least, the most curious. And it has a reason to be in part, of course, but it is no less disconcerting for that. And it is necessary to remember that the service was born when smartphones with decent cameras began to become popular, and its reason for being had to do with that situation, since its reason for being was to offer a platform to which the users of said mobiles they could share the photos they took with them.

At first it came to iOS, from where a short time later it jumped to Android, in a strategy in which the desktop was never a priority element, to the point that the official client for Windows 10 did not arrive until 2016. This makes it clear that both its original creators and Facebook, after acquiring it, were clear from the first moment that where Instagram generates more engagement on mobile than on PC.

However, one thing is not to prioritize the PC, and quite another is to leave it completely aside, because there are many reasons to offer a desktop version, accessible from the browser, opens access to it to many users who, for whatever reason, do not use the app. Not to mention that without a web interface it would be impossible to share content on social networks, through instant messaging services, on websites, etc. No matter how great a service is, and Instagram is, giving up audience is always a mistake.

Now, that Instagram has a web version does not mean that you treat it with the same care as your smartphone apps. On the contrary, there are quite a few functions available only on iOS and Android, and that users who use it exclusively or mainly from the PC browser. Although, to be honest, it must be said that there has been some change in this regard, such as the ability to view stories and direct messages.

And as we can see in a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, there will be an important advance in this regard shortly, since it confirms that Instagram is already conducting tests so that it is possible to upload content from the PC, something that. surprisingly, so far it has not been possible. Some users are seeing a + sign appear in the upper right part of the interface and, when they click on it, the new section is displayed to be able to upload images. And yes, we are talking about Instagram, so of course it has cropping functions and its more than popular filters.

Most likely, the use of the image upload function from the PC is a minority compared to those who will continue to use the app mainly for this purpose. However, it is also true that the pandemic and lockdowns caused a substantial increase in the use of the web version of Instagram. Surely those responsible have been very aware of this, and have decided to capitalize on new users who may have come directly to the PC version.

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