Instagram will allow any user to add links in the Stories by means of a sticker

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow include links in Stories of any user. Today, the social network only allows you to add links to verified accounts or those that have more than 10,000 followers. The option, of course, will be something different from the classic “Swipe up”, which allows access to the linked page through a gesture on the screen.

Users will be able to add a link to their story by means of a sticker similar to the question and answer, music or polls. To access the web, followers who see the story must click on the sticker, which will show part of the URL. The link sticker will also allow people to respond to the story. Currently, the “Swipe Up” function disables the text box that allows you to send a message as a reply.

Vishal Shah, Product Manager at Instagram, confirmed to The Verge that the goal of this test is “to see how people could take advantage of links.” If all goes well, the link sticker in the Stories will replace the swipe up function, and will be available to all users, even those who do not have a verified profile or have a number of followers less than 10,000.

Instagram only wants links in Stories

Instagram Stories

Shah has confirmed that Instagram does not plan to include the links in posts. Today, if a person tries to insert a link in the description of a photo or video, it is transformed into text, preventing people from clicking on it to be directed to the web. The social network does allow you to send links through direct messages.

At the moment, the links feature is being tested on a limited number of users. Instagram is likely to expand it to more people in the coming months.

The ability to include links in Instagram Stories is not the only new feature that the Facebook social network is testing. Instagram also works on the option to create publications from the web version. The function will allow users to upload photos saved on their computer. It will include, initially, the same options offered by the mobile version.

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