The three largest Facebook platforms stop working: this is what we know.

Three of the most used applications and platforms in the world have stopped working: Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook they appear to be in trouble, and services are temporarily unavailable in various regions of the world.

Tools like DownDetector have been flooded with complaints by WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook users, who report that the applications do not allow them to access their messages, nor to consult the feed of publications of both affected social networks. For its part, the WhatsApp hashtag on Twitter begins to gain strength, thanks to the comments of users affected by this fall.

At the time of publishing this article, Facebook has not spoken about the problems, which seem to be mainly affecting to users resident in Spain, and both the mobile versions of the three platforms, as well as their corresponding desktop and web editions.

WhatsApp has stopped working in several countries around the world

Facebook services don’t work

At the moment, the reasons for these problems are unknown, although probably the company will already be working on a solution. The most recent falls suffered by the platforms have lasted, at most, a couple of hours, so it is to be expected that in not too long everything returns to normal. As always, we will update this article as soon as we know what’s new.

The peak of complaints in DownDetector shows how users have been affected by the fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

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