Instagram users can hide ‘likes’ on their posts

Instagram wants to hide the “likes”: good idea? 5:25

(CNN) – Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to decide whether to hide ‘likes’ or likes on their own posts or on the posts of people they follow.

This option is available starting this Wednesday for a small group of users globally. These users can also decide to keep the original experience within the platform, which leaves the ‘likes’ visible.

Instagram began testing the option to hide ‘likes’ on posts in 2019, first in Canada and then worldwide. While followers couldn’t see the total number of ‘likes’ a post received, the account owner could, Instagram said at the time. Viewers of the post can click to see a full list of accounts that ‘liked’ but would not see the total number.

The test of this function was performed to ‘understand if [la opción de ocultar los ‘Me gusta’] It takes some pressure off ”for platform users when posting, said a spokesperson for Facebook, the company that owns Instagram. Some people found the feature beneficial, but others wanted to keep looking at the counts so they could track what was popular, the spokesperson said.

The ‘Likes’, which appear as hearts on Instagram, are a key metric to generate interaction within the platform. However, they have also caused some users to create a relationship between their self-esteem and the amount of ‘likes’ they accumulate.

In March, Instagram briefly hid the likes of some users, after the company accidentally expanded the test of this function. As a result of this accident, several Instagram users reported seeing the change within their profiles and instead of the number of ‘likes’ the phrase «[ejemplo de nombre de usuario] and others »next to a heart.

Initially testing this new feature will only be conducted on Instagram, but the company is also exploring the possibility of offering a similar option for Facebook, the spokesperson said.

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